‘School of Rock’ Blu-ray Review

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on September 8, 2012


School of Rock
DVD ($19.95) 
Jack Black’s 2003 classroom-comedy romp gets a few hi-def tweaks for its Blu-ray debut, but it’s mostly a roundup of the bonus features on previous DVD editions, including commentary by Black and director Richard Linklater; additional “Kids’ Kommentary”; the full “School of Rock” music video; the young actors’ video diary of their cast appearance at the 2004 Toronto Film Festival; and other clips. If you’ve never seen it, by all means, now’s the time to jump into this rollicking, family-friendly tale of a frustrated metal-head guitarist who impersonates a substitute teacher at an exclusive elementary school to turn a fifth-grade class into a band of high-voltage rock stars. And if you have seen it…well, it’s never looked or sounded better—in your choice of English, French, Spanish, or Portuguese.