Scott Foley on ‘Scandal’ Appearance

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on April 1, 2013
Scott Foley_2013

What is happening with Scott Foley these days?
Rita Clark, Minnesota City, Minn.

Foley, 40, has had quite the busy schedule since “The Unit” was canceled by CBS in 2009. He’s had recurring roles on several series, beginning with “Cougar Town,” where he reunited with his former “Scream” star Courteney Cox for four episodes. From there, he moved on to “Grey’s Anatomy” for a season, and then, after his character Henry died in surgery, Foley was reborn as Patrick on “True Blood.”

Most recently, the Kansas City, Kan., native starred in an arc on “Scandal,” and it is possible that “Goodwin Games,” a sitcom that he filmed for Fox but was shut down after seven episodes, could debut this spring or summer.

Foley is married to actress Marika Dominczyk, with whom he has two children.