Actor-Musician Scott Grimes

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on June 25, 2006

Is the Scott Grimes on ER the same Scott Grimes who has an album out?
—Mary Daly, Lebanon, Mo.

Yes, they are the same. Massachusetts-born Grimes, 34, began his career at age 10 as a singer on Broadway and later traveled with Bob Hope on USO tours. As an actor, he had roles on TV's Party of Five and Band of Brothers and in the movies Crimson Tide, Critters and Mystery, Alaska. Portraying Dr. Archie Morris on ER for the past three years, he's also managed to keep together a band, Scott Grimes and the Misdemeanors (of which his wife, Dawn, also is a member), touring and performing on weekends. Last year, Grimes released a CD called Livin' on the Run.