‘Scrooged’ Blu-ray Review

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on November 18, 2011


Blu-ray ($24.99)
In this 1988 version of Charles Dickens' classic Christmas yarn, Bill Murray (in his late-'80s comedic prime) plays a mean-spirited New York TV executive whose ice-cold heart is thawed by three ghosts who pummel him with the past, present and future error of his ways. The all-star supporting cast includes Karen Allen, John Forsythe, Bobcat Goldthwait, Alfre Woodard, Robert Mitchum and Jamie Farr-and Annie Lennox and Al Green spread the holiday cheer with a singalong of "Put A Little Love In Your Heart." It all looks great for its hi-def debut, but if you're hoping for bonus features, all this bare-bones Blu-ray offers is a stocking full of "Bah humbug!" 

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