Actor Sebastian Spence

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on September 22, 2002

Please fill me in on Sebastian Spence. He played Cade Foster on Sci-Fi Channel's First Wave.
—Mary R., Florida

A Canadian, Spence was born into the business. His father, the late Michael Cook, was a playwright, as is his mother, Janis Spence. His mother also is an actress. Spence, 32, says he was a very shy child. He hated getting up in front of his classes during school even to give answers to the teacher's questions. But when his mother was producing a theater group's performance of King Lear in their hometown, she mentioned that she thought he'd be good for one of the small parts, and feeling bold, he declared that he would do it. He received praise for his work, and the acting bug bit him. His first movie was in the critically acclaimed The Boys of St. Vincent's, and he's guest-starred on such television series as The X-Files and Dark Angel. Though First Wave has ended, its fans have remained loyal and interested in Spence. He traveled to London in February, along with his co-stars, to appear at the first First Wave convention. Up next, he's playing the Lone Ranger's brother, Harmon Hartman, in a pilot for a series. He also has joined the cast of Dawson's Creek as a college professor.