Austrian Actress Senta Berger

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on January 27, 2002

I saw an old great action film titled Major Dundee, starring Charlton Heston and Richard Harris. A beautiful actress named Senta Berger caught my eye. Is she still alive? What else did she appear in?
—Alan S., Pennsylvania

Berger, 60, lives in Munich, Germany, with her husband Michael Verhoeven, a German film director and writer. The Vienna, Austria, native worked in Hollywood for about five years before returning to Europe. Berger met Verhoeven in the mid-'60s when they were both cast in the movie Jack and Jenny. Berger wanted to be a dancer when she was younger, but her ballet teacher discouraged her, saying she didn't have a ballerina's build. She went on to study drama at the Reinhardt Seminar in Vienna. Berger's other credits include Cast a Giant Shadow, The Ambushers and numerous foreign films.