Actor Shane West

Celebrity Q&A, People
on December 7, 2011

How many tattoos does Shane West have?

—Delight Dupree, Shreveport, La.

West, 33, who stars as Michael on the TV series Nikita, has four tattoos, but not all of them have been displayed on the show—a couple are always covered up by makeup or clothing as they were deemed inappropriate for the character. "I have one here on my chest that says 'Satori,' which is essentially a Buddhist Zen philosophy about being in the now—keeping your mind, body and soul in the present, not the past or the future," says the Baton Rouge, La.-born actor. His other tattoos are of the lead singer for a Los Angeles punk band, The Germs; a fleur-de-lis, the decorative French flower; and another fleur-de-lis combined with a Celtic knot. "I am French, I am Cajun, and it's my background," says the former Once and Again and ER star.