Jessica Alba and Shannon Elizabeth

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on December 8, 2002

Please settle a long-standing argument for me. My friend insists that Jessica Alba of the television show Dark Angel also starred in a movie called Dish Dogs a few years ago. I say otherwise. Who is right?
—Melissa C., Texas

You win. Shannon Elizabeth was the female lead in the 1998 movie Dish Dogs, starring Sean Astin and Matthew Lillard. But it's easy to see why your friend was confused since the dark-haired beauties resemble each other. Jessica Alba's show, Dark Angel, was canceled after two seasons on FOX. But the 21-year-old is already at work on other projects. The Sleeping Dictionary is scheduled for release sometime this year, and she's slated to star in a film titled Honey. Alba is a native of Pomona, Calif., and is of French-Danish, Mexican-Indian, and Spanish heritage. Elizabeth, a Houston native, is the daughter of a Syrian and Lebanese
father and a mother of Cherokee heritage. Her credits include Scary Movie, American
Pie, and American Pie 2.