Actress Shawnee Smith

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on April 14, 2002

The actress who plays Linda on Becker is a riot. Her touch makes the show one of the best. Tell me about the actress who plays her.
—Norman G., Tennessee

Shawnee Smith plays the kooky office assistant on the CBS sitcom. Born in Orangeburg, S.C., Smith, 31, started acting at age 8 after she got a part in the 1982 film Annie. In addition to Becker, she also was a regular on the sitcoms The Tom Show, Arsenio, and All is Forgiven. She's co-starred in several television movies and miniseries, including The Stand and The Shining. Film credits include Armageddon, Leaving Los Vegas, and Dog Town. When not acting, Smith follows her other passion—music. She founded the rock band Fydolla Ho with some friends. She also was lead singer and songwriter for the band Miram Fay. Smith lives in Los Angeles with her husband and daughter.