Actress Shelley Morrison

Celebrity Q&A, People
on May 31, 2008

"What has Shelley Morrison, who played the hysterical character Rosario on Will and Grace, been doing since the end of that show?
¬óMargaret Taylor, Troy, Ohio

Morrison, 71, stays very busy with acting and charity projects. She provides the voice of Mrs. Portillo for Handy Manny, a Disney Channel animated series. “It’s a gentle, sweet show,” she says. “I won’t do anything that’s violent.” She and her husband reside in Los Angeles and work diligently with various charities. “If everyone volunteered to do something once a month for 15 minutes, we’d have a better world,” she says. Morrison, who has survived two bouts of cancer, loved working on the TV comedy Will and Grace. “Someone once asked me what I want to be remembered for, and I said, ‘That I made people laugh.’”"