Actress Sheree J. Wilson

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on January 23, 2005

Please give me any information you can on Sheree J. Wilson who played Assistant District Attorney Alex Cahill on Walker, Texas Ranger, and then became Walker's wife on the program.
—Hazel B., Minnesota

Wilson, born Dec. 12, 1958, came to Walker, Texas Ranger from another popular show—she played April Stevens Ewing on Dallas from 1986 until 1991. The Rochester, Minn., native grew up on a farm, which later served her well as a rodeo rider. She moved to Boulder, Colo., at age 8, and after college became a model in New York for the famed Ford Agency. The actress has worked steadily in TV and films since 1984. She has two sons, Luke and Nicholas, and is married to Paul DeRobbio. In 2004, she completed the film Birdie and Bogey.