Shirley Club USA

Shared Stories
on October 24, 2011

After reading the current issue and seeing the story about the same name clubs I wanted to tell you about the same name club of Shirleys.

The original Shirley Club originated in Western Australia in Nov. 1996 when Shirley Brown invited Shirleys to join her for lunch.  Sixty-two Shirleys, all strangers, joined her and from there the Australian Shirley Club was born.

In May 2009 the Shirley Club USA was founded and the club now has a membership of 183 members in 17 states and 3 countries, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

The Shirley Club Australasia just held their 6th National Convention in Hobart, Tasmania.  Two Shirleys from the USA attended the event.  In total 168 Shirleys represented the club in Hobart. 

Shirleys enjoy meeting other Shirleys whether it is via email, snail mail or by reading the quarterly newsletters of the club.  Some Shirleys are able to get together for monthly lunches or a local event.  The Shirley Club USA's motto is  Shirls just want to have fun. 

The Shirleys get together whenever possible for fun, food and of course, Shirley friendships.

The Shirley Club USA is a membership club and information can be found on the website at   All Shirleys are invited to join this fun club of Shirleys.

Submitted by:  Shirley Rose  MO-1

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