‘Snowman in July’

Celebrity Q&A, People
on June 22, 2008

I'm trying to find a wonderful cartoon I watched in the 1960s or '70s called Snowman in July. Can you tell me anything about it?
—Wanda Minten, Cumberland Gap, Tenn.

The charming cartoon you remember—about a snowman that comes to life but melts in the rising temperatures—originally was titled Der Schneemann (The Snowman) and produced in Nazi Germany in 1943 by Hans Fischerkoesen, a talented animator who made theatrical cartoon shorts during the wartime era. Some of his work was acquired, along with other European cartoons, for postwar television distribution in America. Redubbed into English and rereleased several times over the years, Der Schneemann became Snowman in July, The Magic Snowman or simply The Snowman.