‘Something Borrowed’ Actress Kate Hudson

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on June 10, 2011

Now that Kate Hudson is expecting her second child, will she quit acting?
—Lillian Wannamaker, Medford, Ore.

Doubtful. The 32-year-old movie star, who is engaged to musician Matthew Bellamy, a member of the rock band Muse, says she loves acting and can’t ever see herself giving it up. “It is not about fame,” she says. “You can be happy doing local theater and working with a group of friends.”

Hudson, whose latest project is the new movie Something Borrowed, adds that she’s going to be more particular in the film roles she chooses. “I think for me, instead of ‘It is going to be a fun role,’ it’s going to be about working with the right filmmaker,” she says. She also sees directing in her future. “I have been able to watch some amazing directors, whether they were directing my parents [mom Goldie Hawn or stepdad Kurt Russell] or me working personally with some filmmakers. The greatest lessons you can learn are by watching.”