Weatherman Spencer Christian

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on April 29, 2001

What happened to Spencer Christian, who was the weatherman on Good Morning America?
—Fritz D., Tennessee

Spencer Christian, a native of Charles City, Va., moved from the East Coast to the West Coast when he joined KGO-TV in San Francisco in 1999 after almost 13 years with Good Morning America. Now, instead of waking before 4 a.m. and finishing his workday at noon, he reports to the office around 3 p.m., predicts the weather on three evening newscasts, and leaves at midnight. On weekends, Christian, a wine connoisseur, visits Napa and Sonoma, Calif., for wine tastings. He hosted Spencer Christian's Wine Cellar on the Food Network until 1999 and is talking with cable outlets about renewing the show. "I miss my friends at Good Morning America," he says, "Charlie Gibson and all the people I used to work with. But I have a great life here, and I want people to know I am happy."