Spiritual Pleadings

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on April 13, 2011


Four “Spiritual Pleadings” Sonnets



Dedicated to the thirty-five pilgrims who traveled to Israel for twelve days in March 2011 on a “Worldwide Pilgrimage Ministries” Holy Land journey “following the footsteps of Jesus”.



Oh, complex spiritual Land of God,

Are thee full of God or Godless or not?

Doth not Abraham in shame find thee odd?

Christian, Muslim and Jew against each other plot.


Our one Lord to all three taught love and peace,

Not hatred and war as pursued by man.

Oh Holy Land what make thee of this caprice?

The Word distorted violates our Lord’s plan.


Unity we need pursue in harmony,

To avoid destruction of this gift of life.

Mankind’s religions cause much agony,

God’s message misinterpreted causes strife.


Oh, peoples of Israel heed God’s call,

And pursue peace and harmony for all.


Lord Jesus replaced violence and fear with love,

A message mankind’s religions do agree.

An eye for an eye replaced by the peace dove,

To love each other our one God’s new decree.


But early church history does deny,

Both Papal Crusades and “blood libel” confer.

Christian’s “saviour” did not for this die,

Our Lord’s Grace we need for all to concur.


Exodus now the cross from the Holy Land,

A sad repeat of Hebrew history.

“Free Will” urging discord not in God’s peace plan,

Why is loving one’s neighbor a mystery?


All Christ believers in the world unite,

Lead brother religions in the Peace fight.


Religious jihad’s infamous cruel deeds,

All mortals at some time have felt its wrath.

This terrorism anger and hatred breeds,

Mankind’s binge on a self-destructive path.


Prophet Muhammad taught of a peaceful God,

With his followers in fellowship to live.

Not cruel war on “unbelievers” to trod,

Sowing contempt and mistrust not to forgive.


Mosques are for the devoted to fervently pray,

Sacred houses not for malevolent intrigues.

True Muslim brotherhood must they convey,

With church and synagogue like-minded colleagues.


The only one true path to heavenly bliss,

Promotes love for all and will jihad dismiss.



The burden of being the “chosen people”,

A god-like task for a mere mortal race.

For others build a different steeple,

Does our one God not for them have a place?


Israel with other religions must live,

And with other peoples land and water share.

The Jewish people must learn to forgive,

And with God’s Grace for one another care.


The “wailing wall” sadly laments the past,

Overshadowing a famed life story.

Rich in history that will forever last,

And tradition awash in God’s glory.


“Chosen people” must make the ultimate choice,

Suicide or with all God’s peoples rejoice.


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