Jericho’ Actress Sprague Graydon

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on October 21, 2007

Q The actress who plays Heather on Jericho—is her first name really Sprague, or is that a stage name? And has she been in anything else?
—Alex Nevill, Othello, Wash.

Sprague Graydon's first name is the one she was given at birth—it's her mother's maiden name. The Manchester, Mass., native, 27, made an eyebrow-raising return recently to the CBS hit apocalyptic drama Jericho after viewers were led to speculate that Heather had met an unfortunate end in the previous season. Graydon, who has a bachelor of arts degree in American studies from Columbia University, has been acting since she was a toddler in TV commercials, and her resume also includes TV's Joan of Arcadia, John Doe, Six Feet Under and Weeds. But she says she doesn't stay tuned to the show-business radar. "People will ask me, ‘Did you see Britney Spears on the Video Music Awards?' And I'll say, ‘No…but I just finished this great book about Rasputin."