Commercial Actress Stacey Scowley

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on August 1, 2004

I am interested in learning more about the young lady in Sony’s laptop ad on TV and the Kia commercial.

—Cecil G., New Mexico

Stacey Scowley, from Danville, Calif. (pop. 41,715), can be seen in the Kia and Sony commercials and numerous guest appearances on television shows such as Monk and Come to Papa. Always interested in acting, she moved to Los Angeles to study the craft after graduating from California State University at Chico. She worked a day job as a junior publicist for Fox TV while launching her acting career. Her Kia ad definitely made an impression, and she’s happy for the work. “I did 10 commercials last year,” she says. “They pay the bills while I pursue other things as an actress.” She’s dating Kelly Donovan, twin brother of Buffy the Vampire Slayer cast member Nicholas Brendon. Fans can keep up with her on her website,