The View' Co-host Star Jones

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on April 8, 2001

Star Jones, a co-host on The View, seems so knowledgeable about legal matters. What is her background?
—Serena T., Arizona

Star Jones—born in Badin, N.C., (pop. 1,380)—got her law degree at the University of Houston, passed the New York Bar, and immediately started a law career in the Brooklyn, N.Y., district attorney's office, where she prosecuted high-profile cases. She debuted on television in 1991, moonlighting as a studio commentator for Court TV, and eventually became a legal correspondent for Today and Nightly News. In 1995, she was named senior correspondent and chief legal analyst for Inside Edition. Two years later, she became a co-host with the launch of The View, a daytime show currently featuring Meredith Vieira, Joy Behar, Lisa Ling, and Executive Producer Barbara Walters.