The Statler Brothers Retirement

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on January 25, 2004

My absolute favorite singing group is the Statler Brothers. Now that they have retired, how are they keeping busy, and are they well and happy? Any chance they'll perform again?
—Mary Ann A., New Mexico

Three of the four Statlers—Don Reid, Harold Reid and Phil Balsley—are enjoying the chance to spend more time with their families in Virginia. Jimmy Fortune went on to make a critically acclaimed solo album, appropriately titled When One Door Closes. "I don't expect I'll ever retire," he says with a laugh. Still, going out on his own after so many years as part of a group felt a bit strange. "It's more scary on stage by yourself," he says. "My first show alone, I opened for the Oak Ridge Boys. My legs were shaking so bad, it was like butterfly wings fluttering!" Fortune, who is preparing for his second solo album, stays in touch with the other three Statlers, and says they all sound happy. They have no plans to perform together again in the near future, but you can get a CD, DVD or videotape of the Farewell Concert through their website,, or by calling (540) 885-7297.