The Statler Brothers

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on December 11, 2005

What's going on with the Statler Brothers?
—G. Weber, Glen Haven, Wis.

One of country music's all-time fan-favorite singing groups, the Statlers—who took their name from the label on a box of bathroom tissues in their hotel room—retired in October 2002 with a final concert, near their hometown of Staunton, Va., which was recorded and made available on CD and DVD. Phil Balsley still is at the Statler offices in Staunton daily. Jimmy Fortune has relocated to Nashville, Tenn., and released a solo album of gospel songs called I Believe. Don Reid has written two books, Heroes and Outlaws of the Bible and Sunday Morning Memories, with another due out at Christmas called It Isn't Christmas Till … Along with his brother and fellow founding group member Harold, Reid also is working on a Statler memoir scheduled for a summer 2006 release.