Singer-writer Stella Parton

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on September 19, 2004

What’s happening with singer Stella Parton?

—Rita W., Indiana

She’s been working on three books, running workshops to improve women’s self-esteem and recording a new album of contemporary gospel and country songs. “I’m not one of those artists who doesn’t finish anything,” she says, explaining her multiple projects. “I finish it if it’s the last thing I do.” She started expanding her horizons beyond singing about 15 years ago, when she took her career into her own hands. “I prefer singing and being on the stage all the time, but in order to stay busy and creative, you have to create projects that keep you busy,” she says. But there’s one place she’s cutting back rather than expanding—her name. On her albums, she’s now known as just Stella. But it’s a practical, business decision. “It’s just so that I’m not in the same record bins as my sister,” she explains. Her sister, of course, is Dolly Parton.