Crocodile Hunter’ Steve Irwin

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on December 14, 2003

My family and I are big fans of Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter. Why doesn’t he wear a wedding ring?

—Sara S., Florida

“It’s dangerous,” Irwin says. “Working with wildlife, there’s always the chance of getting any sort of jewelry hooked up. Not only could I put my own life at risk, but also the animals we work to save. Terri and I love each other very much and she totally understands that in my line of work, I simply cannot wear one. Terri, also, for the same reason doesn’t wear any rings.” The couple first met in 1991, when Eugene, Ore., native Terri visited the Australia Zoo and watched Irwin doing a crocodile demonstration. He says that he saw her in the crowd, their eyes met and he forgot all about the croc that was trying to kill him. It was love at first sight and they were engaged four months later. Irwin recalls that on their first date, they went to a restaurant with a seafood buffet. “We both had our plates piled high with crab. While we were talking and eating, I noticed that Terri was absolutely covered in crab. I opened my big mouth and made the comment, ‘Crikey, you’re not ladylike at all!’ Since then, we simply fell in love.” Terri had been working with wild animals herself for many years, tending to wounded animals and then releasing them back into the wild, so joining her new husband in his animal adventures suited her just fine. “Every minute of the day we are working toward saving the world’s wildlife,” Irwin says. “Even our gorgeous little daughter, Bindi (age 5), helps to educate people about the animals at Australia Zoo.” New episodes of Crocodile Hunter just began airing, while another season of Crocodile Diaries starts in March.