‘Crossing Jordan’ Actor Steve Valentine

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on November 17, 2002

Is the man with the British accent on Crossing Jordan the same man who is a designer on the BBC show Changing Rooms?
—Jan H., Iowa

He hails from London, England, but Steve Valentine isn't a designer on the popular BBC show. Valentine plays Dr. Nigel Townsend, a criminalist and forensics expert, on Crossing Jordan. I'm guessing you're confusing him with Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen of Changing Rooms. With their long, angular faces and dark hair, you could say there's a slight resemblance. Valentine has made his mark on American audiences by guest-starring on several series and in movies. His television credits include Will & Grace, Just Shoot Me, JAG, and a recurring role on Nikki. He's also acted in the movies The Muse and Mars Attacks, among others. Valentine's stage repertoire is just as diverse. He's tackled everything from standup comedy to Shakespeare. Valentine lives in Los Angeles with his wife. His hobbies are horseback riding, dancing, and riding roller coasters.