Reporter Steven Cojocaru

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on March 7, 2004

Please tell us about Entertainment Tonight’s new reporter, Cojo.

—Ann H., Oklahoma

Steven Cojocaru, a Montreal, Canada, native better known as Cojo, says his parents, Ben and Amelia, who immigrated from Romania, still live in Canada. “Ever since they were on the Today show in December, they think they are huge celebrities. I’m thinking of hiring bodyguards for them,” he jokes. A weekly contributor to NBC’s the Today show and a correspondent for Entertainment Tonight, he says his family grounds him. “Whenever I get high-falutin’ and fancy in Hollywood, I call Mother and she brings me back down to earth,” he says. He adds that his older sister, “a dead ringer for Heather Locklear,” got all the looks in the family. A former West Coast style editor for People and author of the magazine’s popular column “Behind the Seams,” Cojocaru recently left the magazine to concentrate on television and will soon launch his own talk show. In the early 1990s, Cojocaru moved to Hollywood, where he began writing a syndicated fashion column that ran in more than 100 newspapers across North America. He wrote the book, Red Carpet Diaries: Confessions of a Glamour Boy, which tells what really goes on behind-the-scenes of Hollywood’s awards shows. The 41-year-old lives in Los Angeles with his dog, Stinky.