Celebrity Q&A
on June 26, 2005

I love the rock group Styx. What are its members doing now? Where can I write them?
—Sharon V., California

 The group that began in the 1970s is no longer the group you would see in concert today. There are two factions of Styx now—one that carries the name Styx and has two longtime members (Tommy Shaw and Chuck Panozzo) and one led by Dennis DeYoung, the original lead singer and primary songwriter—and both perform Styx songs in concert. According to DeYoung, 1999's Brave New World was his last recording with the group. "I became ill, and the guys in the band wanted to go on the road. I asked them to wait another six months for me to recover, and they chose not to," says DeYoung, 58, a father of two who lives in Chicago with his wife of 35 years. In 2000, DeYoung and his band began to perform with a symphony orchestra, singing the Styx material he wrote, such as Lady, Babe and Come Sail Away. You can contact both groups through their websites: and


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