Author Sue Grafton

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on February 11, 2001

Author Sue Grafton's books are cleverly titled: A is For Alibi, B is For Burglar, E is For Evidence. Where is she now, and will she finish the alphabet?
—Randee P., Michigan

The 16th installment of Grafton's best-selling Kinsey Millhone series, which will begin with the letter P, will be published in May. Grafton intends to finish the alphabet, but she's always taken the series one book at a time. "My biggest concern is to keep the quality of the writing as high as I can manage," she says. "As I've said many times, I'm really not interested in writing the same book more than once. I probably put more energy and ingenuity into coming up with fresh storylines than I do any other aspect of the writing." Grafton had two novels published prior to her alphabet series—Keziah Dane in 1967 and The Lolly-Madonna War in 1969.