'Superman Motion Picture Anthology 1978-2006'

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on June 27, 2011

The Superman Motion Picture Anthology 1978-2006
Blu-ray ($129.95)

Even if you’re a super fan who’s seen every one of the six theatrical Superman movies included in this eight-disc collectors edition, the 20 hours of bonus features alone are more than enough to justify the splurge. Several full-length documentaries examine the origins, science, mythology and cross-generational, pop-cultural lore of the Man of Steel, while others go behind the scenes of the making of the individual movies. A vintage 1951 theatrical feature, “Superman and the Mole-Men,” is accompanied by a trio of movie-house cartoons from the era. Director’s cuts, commentary, deleted scenes, alternative versions, screen tests and vintage Superman shorts round out the up-up-and-away extras on this royal roundup of screen gems starring the world’s most iconic superhero.

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