Ask AP: Susan Boyle

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on February 11, 2010

Please let me know what Susan Boyle is going to do with the beautiful voice that she has.
Lucille Mosness, Columbus, Mont.

Boyle, 48, made history last November when her debut album achieved the highest first-week sales of 2009 (more than 3 million copies) and became the all-time best-selling U.S. debut album for a female artist. "It was important that I could feel everything I was singing," she says of the songs she selected for I Dreamed a Dream, which includes 11 cover songs and one original. The Scottish singer, who came to international attention after her jaw-dropping performance last year on the TV show Britain’s Got Talent, continues to live in her family home with her cat, Pebbles, and remains active as a volunteer at her church in Blackburn, Scotland.