Fitness Expert Susan Powter

Celebrity Q&A, Health, Home & Family
on June 12, 2005

Can you tell me if Susan Powter, the fitness instructor, is still writing or making any new videos?
—Gail K., Virginia

After a seven-year hiatus to raise her three sons, single mother Susan Powter is back with a book, The Politics of Stupid, and a video, Trailer Park Yoga, which are available through her website, The outspoken fitness guru also has a live radio show and a cooking variety show called Taste My Broth in the works. She exploded onto the scene in the 1990s with her "Stop the Insanity" campaign for physical fitness. She authored six books, including three New York Times best sellers, and made nine videos and four infomercials. "Everything I'm doing now makes ‘Stop the Insanity' look like a dress rehearsal," says Powter, who lives in New England. "I am now a 47-year-old menopausal woman not taking synthetic estrogen, wiser and healthier than I have ever been. I'm still a size two; I lost 133 pounds and never found them again," Powter says.