Actress and Host Tanya Memme

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on January 21, 2007

Q What can you tell me about Tanya Memme of Sell This House? How did she get her job?
—Shirley Shoukletovich, Benton, Ky.

Prior to the A&E TV series Sell This House (and also Move This House), Memme hosted the weekly Los Angeles show Eye on L.A. and then Robotica on The Learning Channel. A former Miss World Canada, she's also had guest-star roles on JAG, The Practice and CSI Miami, co-starred on The Young and the Restless and appeared in several independent movies. Memme, 35, is an outdoor enthusiast who once rode in a 420-mile bike trek from Montreal, Quebec, to Portland, Maine, to raise money for AIDS research. She recently purchased her first home and says she enjoys being her "funny, goofy" self on Sell This House.