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on May 8, 2005

Whatever happened to the t.A.T.u. singing duo?
—Jesus B., Florida

For the past year, t.A.T.u. has been on hiatus due to Julia Volkova's pregnancy. Now that her daughter is about 6 months old, she and Lena Katina (both of whom are 20 and unmarried) are working on an album to follow up 200 km/h In The Wrong Lane, which will be released later this year. "It will be very different," Katina promises. The childhood friends scored a No. 1 single with All the Things She Said in England in 2003. The Russian-born duo still resides in Moscow, and Katina recalls the most exciting time of their lives: "Julia and I were in my flat, drinking tea in my kitchen and watching MTV and our video came on. I cannot explain how excited we were—we were jumping and screaming. We knew it was coming and we were waiting for it, but when we saw it, we couldn't believe it!"