Taylor Kitsch of ‘John Carter’

Celebrity Q&A
on April 25, 2012


Taylor Kitsch was definitely eye candy in John Carter. How hard did he have to work out to look that good?
—Nellie Cruz, Pueblo, Colo.
Kitsch, who is best known to date for his role as Tim Riggins on Friday Night Lights, says that getting in shape for a movie like John Carter takes over your life. “It really is 4:30 a.m. workouts and then you work out all day on set in between takes,” says the Canadian-born actor. 
“Then the diet is the most boring diet you could ever imagine. Basically, dry chicken breasts with yams, brown rice, protein shakes, and you flood your body with water.” 
But like all conscientious actors—especially one coming off a series as critically acclaimed as FNL, Kitsch says it was the emotional life of the character that was more important to him than getting to do all the cool stunts. 
“I wouldn’t have signed up to do John Carter if it hadn’t had the heartbeat it has,” says Kitsch, 31. 
The former model goes on to explain that knowing he would be running around in skimpy costumes was a big impetus for looking good. 
“You’ve got to feel confident. It’s a different sense of vulnerability than I’ve ever had. So you better look and feel good, too, so you’re not that conscious of it.”
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