5 Technology Terms to Know

Education, Home & Family, Technology
on September 16, 2010

If a conversation with a 20-year-old about the capabilities of a cell phone or a computer leaves you baffled, these definitions may help you navigate the modern language of technology.

Smart phone: The wireless BlackBerry and the iPhone are examples of smart phones, a combination cell phone and minicomputer with access to the Internet and e-mail. Depending on which smart phone you buy, it may allow you to take photographs, record a video, play music and even watch TV.

Texting: Texting is sending short, typed messages between cell phones or smart phones. Some smart phones have a tiny keyboard, which makes texting easier.

Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi systems offer wireless access to the Internet for computers and certain smart phonesthanks to a radio transmitter capable of blasting a signal about 300 feet. By the way, the term Wi-Fi doesnt actually stand for anything; its a brand name developed for an international alliance of companies in the wireless-technology business.

Twitter: A mobile messaging service, Twitter allows users to type a notewhimsically called a tweetof no more than 140 characters. Other users who choose to follow them instantly receive the message via an Internet connection or a mobile phone.

Facebook: The most popular social networking website, Facebook offers users free Internet space for their own page, where they can connect with family and friends who also have pages. Users post whats going on in their life (called their status), chat instantly with others online, share photos and videos, and recommend websites to visit.