Ted Nugent

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on February 13, 2005

Growing up, Ted Nugent was my favorite musician. Is he still touring and playing music? How can he be contacted?
—Monte J., New Mexico

Nugent, 56, who has sold more than 30 million records, is currently touring nationally with Toby Keith and lists his concert dates on his website, www.tednugent.com. He recently released a CD, Craveman, and a DVD, Full Bluntal Nugity Live. However, the National Rifle Association board member is equally passionate about hunting, saying he rocks about six months a year and hunts the other half of the year. The latter is something he explores in his television show, Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild, and in his magazine, Ted Nugent Adventure Outdoors. The Detroit native is married to Shemane and has two daughters, Starr and Sasha, and two sons, Toby and Rocco. He has homes in Michigan and Texas. You can write to him through his website.