Actress-model Terry Farrell

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on September 7, 2003

Can you tell us what happened to Reggie on Becker? We miss her.
—Reba R., Montana

Terry Farrell, a former model and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine co-star, was written off the CBS series in 2002 after four seasons so producers could take the show into a "new creative direction." Nancy Travis was brought in to fill the void. Farrell, 39, was born in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. She played science officer Lt. Cmdr. Jadzia Dax on DS9 from 1993-98 before being cast on Becker. She moved to New York when she was a teenager after signing with the Elite modeling agency. Farrell worked as a model for three years, gracing the covers of Mademoiselle and German Vogue magazines. Not content to just model, she began taking acting classes. Her first major role was in the drama series Paper Dolls, which was a show about the modeling business. After moving to Los Angeles, she landed guest-starring roles on Quantum Leap, The Cosby Show, and Family Ties and appeared in TV movies and miniseries. Farrell recently starred in the Lifetime movie Crossing the Line. Her movie credits include Back to School. She married last year.