Actress Tessie Santiago

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on March 16, 2003

Tessie Santiago used to star in the syndicated series Queen of Swords. What is she doing since that show went off the air?
—Diane D., California

Tessie Santiago recently co-starred in the NBC comedy Good Morning, Miami. Her option wasn't picked up for the entire season, and she's not expected to appear in the show beyond the 13th episode. Santiago portrayed an opinionated, smart-alecky television host on the show. "Having a comedic role is a nice change-of-pace for me," Santiago says. "Queen of Swords was my first professional job out of college, and it was a lot of fun and hard work overseas. I had to train using whips and daggers, learn flamenco, and how to ride a horse—all while wearing a corset!" Santiago, 27, is the oldest of three children. Born in Miami, she graduated from the University of Miami with double bachelor of art degrees in film production and theater. She also starred in many independent student films in college. When Queen of Swords ended after one season, Santiago moved to Los Angles in 2001 and landed a role in the VH1 movie, The Way She Moves. In her free time, Santiago likes going to dog parks with her pet dog, reading, going to the theater, and spending time with her family in Miami.