9 Beautiful, Budget-Friendly Thanksgiving Table Decorations

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on October 19, 2015
thanksgiving tablescape

Before the holiday stress sets in, it’s time to learn why you don’t have to put a dent in your wallet to get an astoundingly pretty Thanksgiving table. With a couple creative upcycles and a few thrifty ideas, you can get your most breathtaking Thanksgiving table display yet, for your lowest budget ever! Check out these brilliant DIY’s from creative Hometalk bloggers for a fresh way to get a designer look for much, much less.


1. Turn Half Pumpkins Into Display Bowls

Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas

Michelle @Dandelion Patina

You know those craft store pumpkin halves you keep passing by? Next time, pick up a pair, for this super simple and sweet tiered display, perfect for highlighting your favorite decoration, holding extra napkins or hand towels, or keeping treats or packaged snacks available for guests. Here’s how.


2. Make a Turkey Decoration From Old Belts

Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas

Angela @Blue I Style

Upcycle some worn out belts, by cutting them up, painting them in bright fall colors, and then shaping them into this cute turkey decoration, perfect for easily dressing up serving dishes on your Thanksgiving table. Here’s how.


3. Design Your Own Votives and Vases Using Pine Cones

Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas

Trish & Bonnie @Uncommon Designs

Collect an armful of pine cones from your yard, for this fabulous floral craft that will turn any old glass jar into charming autumn decor. Design votives to light up the tablescape, or make simple vases, to fill with flowers, dried grasses, or handfuls of acorns. Here’s how.


4. Give Old Flatware a Colorful Upgrade

Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas

Meegan @What Meegan Makes

Grab your old, tired flatware, or buy a new set cheap from a thrift store, and enhance it with this easy dipped paint design. Just choose your favorite fall accent color, and turn your plain silverware into gorgeous pieces to brighten up your table setup. Here’s how.


5. Layer Faux Foliage into Vibrant Placemats

Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas

Gail @Purple Hues and Me

With a pack of faux fall foliage, make a vibrant placemat for the center of your table or to hang on your mantel, by simply layering leaves until you’ve achieved a look you love. This DIY is so simple and inexpensive, that you might find yourself making one for every guest! Here’s how.


6. Create Expensive Looking Napkin Rings From the Craft Store

Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas

Jennifer @Jennifer Decorates

Turn plastic limes from the craft store into glittering acorn napkin rings, to give your display a decadent touch. Use a couple pine cone shingles to add a realistic acorn cap to your design, and enjoy the compliments that will start rolling in the moment the meal begins. Here’s how.


7. Add Glitter to Pine Cones for Delicate Place Card Holders

Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas

Laura @Bright Bold & Beautiful

For the absolute easiest place card holders, grab a few big pine cones from your yard and give them a sparkling coat of glitter. Their shingled shape makes them ideal for holding thin paper cards, so you don’t even have to worry about gluing, taping, or pinning anything in place! Here’s how.


8. Spray Paint Fallen Leaves for a Golden Touch

Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas

Jesse @Lilyshop

For totally free fall decor, turn a few handfuls of fallen leaves into gilded beauties to dress up your tabletop. Using spray paint, cover both sides of each leaf fully, and hang them to dry. When it comes time to decorate your table, lay a few here and there down the center of your tablescape. Here’s how.


9. Turn Terra Cotta Pots (or K-cups) Into Charming Placeholders

Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas

Malia @Yesterday on Tuesday

Make pilgrim hats from upside down mini terra cotta pots, or empty k-cups, and then add decoration and a name to each one. Coordinate your guests’ favorite colors (if you know them) and add decoration like buckles made from metallic markers or mini feathers, to spice up your look. Here’s how.

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