The Bee Gees

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on May 1, 2005

Could you please give me some information on the Bee Gees?
—Anita R., Wisconsin

The most successful brother musical act was named for Brothers Gibb, a trio with eldest Barry Gibb, born Sept. 1, 1946, in Manchester, England, and his fraternal twin brothers, Robin and Maurice, born on Dec. 22, 1949, on the Isle of Man in the Irish Sea. They moved to Australia in 1958, but moved back to England in the 1960s, where they soon landed a record deal. I Started a Joke and I've Gotta Get a Message to You were hits in the late 1960s, but it was the group's 1977 contribution to the movie Saturday Night Fever, including songs such as Jive Talkin', Night Fever and How Deep Is Your Love, that cemented the brothers in musical history. Sadly, when Maurice died in January 2003, so did the Bee Gees. Barry, who resides in Miami, and Robin, who has a home in Miami but spends most of his time in England, retired the group's name. While they continue to work on individual projects, the brothers' music lives on. Some of their greatest CDs include Saturday Night Fever, Spirits Having Flown and 2003's Merchants of Dream and Bee Gees Number Ones, released last year.