‘The Biggest Loser’ Winner Olivia Ward

Celebrity Q&A
on July 30, 2011

I was so happy that Olivia Ward won The Biggest Loser. But she wouldn’t have made it without her sister and fellow competitor, Hannah Curlee. Is she going to share any of the $250,000 prize money with her?
—Maria Lepe, Las Cruces, N.M.

Ward, 35, won after shedding 129 pounds, down to a svelte 132. The New York-based opera singer says that she and Curlee, 32, who lost by just three pounds, did not have any deal to share the prize. The native of Pascagoula, Miss., adds, “I have shared pretty much everything with Hannah my whole life, so I definitely will be sharing all my blessings. And I’m sure she wouldn’t object to going on a vacation or doing something together on my dime.”

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