The Cars are Back in Gear

Editor's Picks
on June 6, 2011

The Cars
Move Like This
CD ($11.99)

The ’70s and ’80s band that helped define the term New Wave with their hits “Just What I Needed,” “You Might Think,” “Good Times Roll” and “Let’s Go” reunited (minus original bassist Ben Orr, who died in 2000) for this project, which applies the group’s trademark hipness to a palette of all-new songs from leader Rick Ocasek. The era in which they topped the charts may be long gone, but as demonstrated by tracks like “Blue Tip,” “Free” and “Take Another Look,” The Cars are still capable of some mighty tasty blendings of synthesizer rock, punk minimalism, rockabilly-nerd jangle and pure, gear-grinding, guitar-driven power pop.

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