‘The Record-Setter Book of World Records’ Book Review

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on November 21, 2011

The Record-Setter Book of World Records
By Corey Henderson & Dan Rollman
Softcover, 352 pages ($12.95)

Anyone can be the best at something-that's the premise behind this wildly entertaining spinoff of the popular website recordsetter.com, which chronicles a spectrum of nutty, out-there feats too eccentric for the stodgy-by-comparison mainstream of Guinness World Records. Find out who holds (for now!) the distinction of the Most Pizza Slice Face Slaps in Fifteen Seconds, the Longest Office Chair Train Pulled by Motorcycle, the Fastest Time to Eat an Apple Without Front Teeth, and more than a hundred other crazily inventive ways someone, somewhere, somehow has earned a spot at the top.  

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