‘The Thing’ Blu-ray Review

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on February 17, 2012

The Thing
Blu-ray Combo Pack ($34.98)

Every 30 years or so, a new director digs into this deliciously scary tale of a beastly, not-of-this-world “thing” running amok in an isolated Antarctic base camp. This latest version, the third movie based on a 1938 short story called “Who Goes There?,” is actually a prequel setting up the plot of director John Carpenter’s 1981 classic, explaining how a shape-shifting space-alien monster came to be unlocked from deep-freeze hibernation and set on its rampage. The special effects have certainly improved over the years, but the scares are just as primal as ever—terror, paranoia, and the elemental clash of fire and ice. This “Thing” keeps a long legacy of vintage sci-fi shivers fresh and frightening for yet another new generation of movie fans.

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