‘The Three Stooges Filming Locations’ Book Review

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on January 6, 2013
Three Stooges Filming Locations

“The Three Stooges Filming Locations”
By Jim Pauley
Hardcover, 336 pages ($39.95 / Santa Monica Press)

There have been dozens of books written, or compiled, about the slapstick antics, off-screen lives and pop-cultural contributions of the team of Moe, Larry, and Curly (and the team’s later third members Shemp, Curly Joe and Joe). But here’s a truly unique look into the realm of the Stooges that will thrill true fans: a detailed exploration of the settings of the act’s most famous “shorts,” all filmed on location in and around Hollywood between 1934 and 1958. With hundreds of archival photos (many rare and previously unpublished), candid behind-the-scenes shots, vintage publicity stills, screen captures, aerial views, maps and comparisons with contemporary “now” shots, plus exclusive quotes and commentary from directors, supporting actors and family members, it’s a treat and a treasure sure to delight anyone who grew up laughing along with the supreme silliness of one of the most popular comedy acts of all time.