The Ventures

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on January 13, 2008

Q As a teenager in the 1950s, I grew up with the singing group The Ventures. Are they still around?
—Al Losado, Vallejo, Calif.

Don Wilson, 74, one of the founding fathers of the instrumental rock band that gave the world the hit song "Walk Don't Run" and the theme to the TV series Hawaii Five-O, continues performing live. The lineup sometimes includes another original member, Nokie Edwards, and Leon Taylor, son of Mel Taylor, the band's original drummer, who died in 1996. Wilson's founding partner, Bob Bogle, recently retired, but he plans to return to the band for its upcoming 50th anniversary. Wilson remembers the moment his life changed: "Bob and I bought two guitars in a pawn shop in 1958." Two years later, they had the No. 2 hit in the nation with "Walk Don't Run."