‘The Voice’ Mentor Blake Shelton

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on June 11, 2011

Blake Shelton is at the top of his game in country music, but he signed on to be a mentor on NBC’s The Voice. How does he think he would have done if he had had to be a contestant on a show to launch his career?
—Gunnar Green, Lafayette, Ind.

“If there had been shows like this that far back, besides Star Search, I probably would have tried it,” says Shelton, 34, who was born in Ada, Okla. “I don’t know how I would have done, because, man, those kids are under a lot of pressure. It blows me away how they handle that. They step up there in front of probably a bigger live audience than they have ever seen in their lives, much less millions of people watching at home, and for the most part they handle it so well.” Shelton, who was inducted into the Grand Ole Opry in October of last year, says he is impressed by the level of talent and confidence displayed by the contestants on The Voice. “I want to see every one of these people go on and do something, because I know what they are up against and what that’s like.”