'Those Guys Have All The Fun' Book Review

Editor's Picks
on June 18, 2011

Those Guys Have All The Fun
By James Andrew Miller and Tom Shales
Hardcover, 763 pages ($27.99)

“There’s no way anybody will ever watch sports 24 hours a day.” That’s what the head of HBO said back in 1978, when ESPN was a cable-TV startup, funded by credit cards and operating from facilities built on a landfill in Connecticut. Well, the Home Box Office exec is long gone—and ESPN is today a global juggernaut. This sweeping, uncensored history, told through more than 500 candid interviews, pulls back the curtains on 32 years of big business, office shenanigans, staff scandals, athletes and star-making power behind the world’s first all-sports television network.

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