Tippi Hedren Fights for Animal Rights

Celebrity Q&A, Featured Article
on October 6, 2012


What is Tippi Hedren doing these days? Is she still acting?
Ramon Suarez, Amarillo, Texas
Yes. Hedren’s recent roles include parts in the films “Cousin Sarah,” “Jayne Mansfield’s Car,” “Free Samples” and the upcoming “Return to Babylon.” But a role that overshadows any acting job is that of animal activist. In 1983, Hedren founded the Roar Foundation, which created the Shambala Preserve, home to more than 50 big cats in Acton, Calif. On Oct. 20, HBO debuts “The Girl,” a movie that tells the story of Hedren’s tempestuous relationship with Alfred Hitchcock, based on the book “Spellbound by Beauty.” While popular opinion holds that the famed director made her career, Hedren, 82, wants to set the record straight: “He ruined my career. But he didn’t ruin my life.”