Tips for a Cozier Home

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on February 18, 2001

Coziness starts when a place says, Make yourself at home. Indeed, a homelike atmosphere comes as much from the things in a home as from the people who live there.

But you dont need a lot of money or an interior decorator to have a cozy home. Mismatched throw pillows collected over the years may be cozier than perfectly matched ones. Grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup often evoke homier feelings than a multi-course prime rib dinner.

Coziness is prompted by all five senses, bringing back fond memories of times gone by.

Sight: What people see throughout your home tells them much about you. Family photos, a curio collection, lighted candles, easy access to your favorite books, or a prominent display of your childrens artwork all become a part of the coziness you create.

Sound: Sounds of friendly conversation and shared laughter cant be beat to make a guest feel welcome in your home. Sharing your favorite music as a quiet backdrop sets a mood. During quiet times spent alone, comforting soundsa crackling fire, a breeze blowing through chimes hanging outsidecan offer a sense of place and peace.

Smell: The sense of smell is intimately connected to memory, and if anything evokes coziness, it is a familiar scent. An aroma of fresh-baked cinnamon buns drifting out of your kitchen, the clean, fresh smell that wafts through an open door after a spring rain, or a spice candle can take someone back for decades. Be aware that when it comes to aromas, less is often better. Overwhelming scents easily can drive away people with sensitivity.

Touch: People love to touch thingsstroke a velvet pillow with interesting tassels, feel the weight of a smooth glass paperweight, or envelop themselves in a fringed chenille throwso make your unique selection of textures available for people to explore. Making your home a tactile experience allows guests to share the things you love and feel at home in your home.

Taste: Food brings people together, which makes kitchens the heart of a home. Keep sensible, easy to prepare snack foods in the house, so that when friends drop in, you can offer a bite to eat. Sliced apples, fresh-popped popcorn, hot cocoa, or a pot of tea, and cookies will keep everyone happy and gathered together for good conversation.

If your home feels cozy to you, chances are that guests will feel comfortable there, too, as will you and your family.

Personal warmth, love, and laughter can transform even a stark room into a haven, and rarely are people shy about letting you know when they find your home cozy.