Tips for New Runners

Featured Article, Health, Home & Family
on September 10, 2013

Once overweight and out of shape but now a diehard runner, Mia Harris Cover offers these tips for new runners:

Pair up with a pal: “If it wasn’t for [my friend Lauren], I wouldn’t have stuck with it. She was so encouraging.”

Train with pros: Cover got expert advice and support from a local running shop. “They make anybody who walks in feel like a runner. They were a big part of my success.”

Give yourself rewards: “I totally reward myself with cute running clothes!” she says. Her faves: running skirts and Icebreaker running shirts. Made of wool, they wick sweat fabulously. “Or I say that if I get a certain amount of miles in in a week, we can go out for ice cream.”

Spread the word: Cover told lots of friends she was training for her first half-marathon. That way, she was better motivated to stick with it, because she didn’t want to report failure.